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Meet the Principal

Meet the Principal

Mike Stanley

Kingsview is passionate about providing quality teaching and learning within a Christian environment.

Our school’s culture is founded on four Biblical virtues that directly impact on how we interrelate with parents, pupils, staff, and the wider community. The school skilfully delivers the National Educational Curriculum within the framework of a Christian worldview. Kingsview also provides a vast and wonderful range of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities that enable children to flourish.

I am convinced that God has gifted every child with a treasure trove of gifts and talents just waiting to be uncovered and explored. I believe that learning is something to be treasured and enjoyed. I am excited at partnering with you in investing in your child’s life, that their gifts and talents may be developed. 

To understand more about our practices and curriculum, view the relevant sections on this website. Our Education Review Office reports and Special Character Review reports are also available on this website and will provide more insight.
Feel free to contact the office if you would like to find out more…

Mike Stanley ~ Principal