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It is our joy to introduce you to the learning community of KingsView School. Situated at the base of the Remarkables mountains in Queenstown, New Zealand, it is our belief that every child is truly remarkable and that an education at KingsView School is a step to a remarkable life.​

KingsView School is committed to excellence in education, providing a first rate general education in core curriculum subjects with the view that all children should graduate from primary school with robust skills in literacy and numeracy. We simultaneously provide rich learning opportunities in specialist curriculum areas.

In an age often obsessed with external appearances, we share the conviction that our world needs young men and women of virtue, courage and strength. Character education is nestled within the heart of our school.  In an age often transfixed with the “here and now”, we are committed to nurturing strong learning habits and encouraging perseverance, curiosity, enjoyment, wonder and awe and creativity.

We are convinced that God has gifted every child with a treasure trove of gifts and talents just waiting to be uncovered and explored. We are convinced that learning is something to be treasured and enjoyed. We are excited at partnering with you in investing in your child’s life, that their gifts and talents may be developed to the full.